Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Aidilfitri Bersama Anuar Zain (8 Nov 2007)

One for the camera, Anuar Zain!

The DoorGift & Backdrop
Aidilfitri Bersama Anuar Zain

Khamis, 8 Nov 20071:00ptg - 6:00ptg
Grand Ballroom, Park Royal Hotel,Kuala Lumpur

brought 2 u
Anuar Zain Network Sdn Bhd

I was fortunate enough to have reserved my seat to attend this year Hari Raya celebration with Anuar Zain. The event was organised and spearheaded by the Management. The key people who have made it possible are the managers, known among the fans as Kak E, Kak Faiz and their right-hand woman, Kiera. Some fans rendered their support in making the backdrop, that's Abg Shah and wife, Kak Belle.

nicely done! Good Job!

There are few more like Siti, Shee, Lis, Yazid who lend a helping hand. Great job to all!

Welcoming the Guests are Belle, Lis, Shee, Siti

And to the rest of the crowd that forms the 150-strong Anuar Zain's fans. You people are simply superb! Those who came alone made friends, while those who came in group loads get to know even more fans.
Anuar Zain came slightly later than expected due to the traffic condition around the area (i.e. Bukit Bintang). His arrival was announced by Kak Faiz (manager), followed by a brief prayers by Yazid. Things were kept simple as the objective mainly was to mingle like how it was in previous gatherings. Anuar Zain is known for his effort is making interactions with his fans. That's what I think, and he always live up to that.

But before the fans can get hold of Anuar Zain. Buffet spread was served to the guests. The spread were wonderful. After the feasting, Anuar Zain gave a brief speech to thank those involved, then he sang 2 songs, Hanya Milikmu & Teman Terulung. He was lost among the sea of fans that surrounded him, with their high-end mobile phones, digital camera, and video cameras. But his voice echos loud and clear, serenading the rest who remain seated, mesmerized by his voice which filled the ballroom.

He spent some quality time sitting down with fans, signing autograph, answering all sorts of questions thrown to him. Such a wonderful gentleman!

In short, everybody had a wonderful time with ANUAR ZAIN!!! So did I! Nothing beats the personal experience of being there. These words are just some way I wish to share with fellow visitors of AnuarZain.Net. The pictures will be uploaded as soon as I get them.
In the meantime, here are links to the videos courtesy of
AJAMI [http://ajamihashim.blogspot.com/]
  • Hanya Milikmu [live]
  • Teman Terulung [live]
  • Chillin' with Ajami & Anuar Zain
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ajami said...

TQ & CONGRATS to all AZfc!!!

mrs syadAZ said...

was there too! AZ was so nice. loves him even more.. ;)

p/s-i got some picture too.you can grab from by blog.but i just use camera phone,so maybe the quality are not so good..huhu