Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Anuar Zain - Album Review 2

This is one album eagerly awaited for by many in the Malay music industry. The songs found on the album began compilation back in 2003 and have taken nearly 5 years to produce.

This album brings together composers, lyricists and music arrangers from both Malaysia and Indonesia to contribute their production expertise. Amongst them being Sharon Paul, Azalea, Omar K and Jenny Chin from Malaysia as well as Tengku Shafick, NUMATA, Irwan Simanjuntak, Tohpati, DJ Sumantri, Nico Ajie Bandy and Andi Rianto from Indonesia; all of whom are masters in their own rights.

Generally, I found that all ten songs are related to the topic of love. Below is my personal interpretation of said songs.

  • Searching for love …in “Bidadari”
  • Finding love…in “I’m the Lucky One”
  • Falling in love…in “Ketulusan Hati”, “Lelaki Ini”
  • Falling MADLY in love…in “Tak Lelah”, “Kau Bunga Cintaku”, “Hanya Milikmu”
  • Falling out of love…in “Tinggalkan Aku”
  • Forgetting love…in “Jangan Pernah Lagi”
  • And there is always eternal love …in “Teman Terulung”

In my opinion, Anuar Zain sounded exceptionally superb in this album. One of the faster tracks, “Kau Bunga Cintaku”, has a touch of 80’s music which is quite unexpected. It is a refreshing concept and kudos to Anuar Zain and his team for having the courage to try fresh and creative ideas.

As for “Jangan Pernah Lagi”, I loved the trumpets and horns being played in the background as they added spice to the song. This song, which means “Never Again”, is neither a slow nor sad song despite what one might expect from such a title. It features fast disco-like music and the lyrics by Nico Ajie Bandy are excellent.

I look forward to having Anuar Zain perform both “Kau Bunga Cintaku” and “Jangan Pernah Lagi” in future live performances. This 3rd self-titled solo album proves that he has matured and is well on his way to greatness.

The remaining tracks consist of slower numbers where Anuar Zain’s strong vocal capabilities are backed by orchestral music; these include stringed instruments like the violin, the viola, the cello, and the contra bass. “Bidadari”, featuring Strings by China Studio Orchestra, was recorded at Jihua Shengyun Studio in Beijing. This is truly a great achievement!

However, don’t expect any sappy, draggy love songs. These songs touch one’s soul by using lyrics that are simple and easily understood. The lyrics are clear and do not require much interpretation with every word bearing a deeper meaning. Such songs are “Teman Terulung”, “Ketulusan Hati”, and “Tak Lelah”. The musical arrangement simply complements the lyrics and Anuar Zain delivers it with much emotion and feel.

Last but not least, the packaging is equally as fantastic. Anuar Zain looks sexy, yet calm in the album cover as well as the rest of the pictures within.

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