Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Anuar Zain - Album Review 1

Below is review I got from a close friend, also a fan of Anuar Zain.

  1. Plastic casing rounded edges shows that his album content is a smooth one.
  2. Cover design of him relaxing depicts that after all the struggle he went thru,finally he managed to release the album and now he can breathe a sigh of relief being able to come up with such a good album for the fans to relax and 'santai' (chill) with him. The cover potray Anuar Zain in a calm and composed mode despite all odds in producing his latest album.
  3. Playing from track 1 to 10, listeners can't help but to feel relax. His vocal range is superbly arranged that makes the music sound so soothing to the soul.
  4. Qudos! ...To the endless effort in mastering and mixing of the audio level that balances his vocal and the music so well. The continuity quality from one track to another gels perfectly that make it seems like he recorded all the songs in a day!
  5. Song choice in this album shows as though he is trying to bring us through a journey of his love story that is being in and out of love. The clarity and 'penghayatan' (feel) in his vocals makes us feel that he is sincerely feeling in the situation of the songs.

Comments by Razaleigh
P/S: Above are personal opinion of the contributor and broadcasted on this web by the webmaster.

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