Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don't make him dance - The Straits Time (Singapore)

Don't make him dance

MALAYSIAN pop and R&B singer Anuar Zain, who is staging his first solo concert at the Esplanade tonight, is one of the top male singers in his country.
But there is one thing that you will not see him do at his concerts - dance.
'I'm what you would call a 'kaki bangku', I'm not good at dancing at all,' he confessed at a press conference at Amara Hotel on Thursday. The Malay term translates loosely to having two left feet.
Still, that did not stop the 38-year-old from rising to the highest echelons of the Malaysian music industry.
He is just as popular with fans in Singapore and was crowned Best Male Artiste at this year's Anugerah Planet Muzik, the annual Malay music awards organised by Singapore radio stations Ria and Warna.
His concert tonight, with ticket prices ranging from $60 to $250, is almost 90 per cent sold out, says the organiser.
Anuar began singing in his early teens as part of the duo Anuar & Ellina, who were famous for hits such as Kain Pelekat and Suasana Hari Raya.
The soft-spoken singer, who spoke in a mixture of English and Malay, says: 'When I look back at those times, it was like I was a different person.
'I was so young and inexperienced then but I learnt so many lessons about the entertainment industry.'
In 1988, he decided to set aside singing for a career with Malaysia Airlines as a flight attendant.

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Original Source 7 Nov 2008

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