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Sinaran Hati Klasik 2008 [The New Paper & ChannelNewsAsia]

Negative publicity positive for Anuar
Singer unfazed as he deals with court wrangles and accusations that he is courting Indonesians
- By Sheela Narayanan January 22, 2008, The New Paper

ANUAR Zain has once again lived up to his reputation as Mr Clean.

A talented performer, Anuar Zain has been winning accolades for his singing since he was a teenager. -- A whiff of controversy hit the 37-year-old singer recently when his former recording company, Syncrosound Records Label Music filed a breach of contract suit against him.
But in an interview with The New Paper here after a performance at the charity television show Sinaran Hati (Ray Of Hope) last Friday, he revealed that the court case had been thrown out.
He claimed: 'The other side had no evidence and they kept delaying the paperwork. So the judge threw it out.'
The Utusan Malaysia reported that Syncrosound, which filed the suit in 2006 at the Kuala Lumpur High Court, alleged that Anuar had breached his contract with them.
He was supposed to have recorded three albums with the company from 2001 until 2005.
Instead it was alleged that he had finished only one album before terminating his contract in 2004.
Anuar then counter-sued the company, alleging that he made two albums and that the recording company did not pay him royalties.
'From 2001 to the point where the suit was filed, I received only RM2,000 ($879) from the company,' he said.
However the suit was thrown out last month due to lack of evidence.
Anuar's lawyer Mr Aizul Rohan Anuar told The Utusan Malaysia that the Synchrosound's lawyers had also failed to show up for the proceedings.
Obviously the legal wrangle has not affected Anuar's popularity or the album sales of his latest self-titled effort, which was released last year.
His album sold more than 25,000 units in Malaysia and he is planning to promote it in Indonesia this year.
Anuar has also received flak from the Malaysian music industry for having too many Indonesian producers, arrangers and songwriters on his album.
But the singer steadfastly holds on to his mantra: Good music knows no national boundaries.
Anuar, whose full name is Shahrul Anuar Zain, has been in the business since he was a teenager with his equally popular sister, Ziana Zain.
Commenting on the negative publicity he has received lately, Anuar said: 'I don't think people are concerned that much about what is being said.
'Then again, any publicity is publicity isn't it?'
It was apparent during his performance at Sinaran Hati, where he performed two songs, that Anuar is still a crowd darling. The audience at MediaCorp's TV Theatre kept shouting 'Awesome' and 'Hot, hot'.
After the event, local artistes like Aliff Aziz - last year's Anugerah winner - were waiting outside the dressing room gunning for an autograph with the handsome singer.
Sinaran Hati is the annual charity event that raises funds for the underprivileged. The proceeds go to the Tabung Amal Aidilfitri Trust Fund.
Along with Anuar, Ramli Sarip, considered the 'sifu' of local rock music also performed at the event.
The show, which is in its second year, was hosted by Najip Ali and Hazlina Halim and was telecast live.
Last year it raised $297, 142.
This year's event upped the amount to $404, 232 by the end of the show.
An encore telecast of Sinaran Hati will be aired over Suria on 27 Jan at 11am.

Malay charity foundation collects close to S$1m in donation drive
By Ahmad Dhafeer, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 18 January 2008 2303 hrs

SINGAPORE: Malay charity foundation Tabung Amal Aidilfitri (TAA) has collected close to S$1 million, in its annual donation drive.

And all its effort culminated in a charity concert, which was telecast live on MediaCorp's Suria Channel on Friday at 8.30pm.

Top local Malay artistes performed at the event called 'Sinaran Hati' which means 'Ray of Hope'.
Among them were winners from 'Live The Dream' competition, soloist Fendi and top band 'By Definition'. Malaysian heart-throb Anuar Zain was also specially flown in.

Guest of honour for the event was Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi.
Viewers were encouraged to call in throughout the two-hour show to make a donation. All proceeds will go to various charity organisations and needy families.
This is the 10th year TAA is collaborating with Suria Channel.
Over S$400,000 were collected through telephone donations organised by MediaCorp's radio station, Warna, and donation boxes located around the island.
To encourage more people to donate, TAA introduced new initiatives in 2007 including 'meals for charity' and a lucky draw. - CNA/vm

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lyana said...

I don't understand why people are still bringing up the 'nationality' issue. Do we need only to enjoy music by malaysians in order to be malaysians? then stop listening to global music then (american, british, etc.). I appreciate music as is, if it's good, it's good, regardless of whatever nationality the singer/producer/composer/lyricist is/are. And Anuar latest effort IS superb! and his fans won't care less, coz they (we) know he'll only deliver the best every time.